What is MK:Smart?

MK:Smart is a city-wide project that involves bringing together data, enterprise, and communities to transform the use of energy, transport and water in Milton Keynes, and improve health of its citizens, and environment.

The project is a collaborative initiative between a number of partners aiming to turn Milton Keynes into a ‘smart city’. This involves using digital technologies and data to better manage the city’s resources, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

To find out more about the project, visit: www.mksmart.org.

Community Action: MK

Community Action: MK is a local charity that supports the communities and the volunteering sector in Milton Keynes. We have a leading role in the Citizens workpackage of MK:Smart. We engage with citizens in Milton Keynes about the project. We encourage and support them to run local projects that have a potential to transform the use of water, energy and transport in the city, and improve health and environment.

These projects are encouraged via the interactive website called Our MK through which individual citizens and local groups can upload their projects, share ideas with others and apply for funding.

To find out more about the work of Community Action: MK, visit: www.communityactionmk.org.

What is this Competition about?

The Citizens Photo Competition is aiming to bring a creative element to Community Action: MK engagement with citizens as part of the MK:Smart project.

The competition is open to all citizens of Milton Keynes. We have asked for photos that, in a photographer’s eyes, capture the concept of a “smart city” and reflect the key areas that MK:Smart focuses on: water, energy, transport, health & environment. All interpretations have been welcomed and we have encouraged citizens to be as creative as they wish.

To find out more, check the Terms & Conditions section.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their photo!